Zenobia is an impressive, bright star, especially for its somewhat smaller size.  Its gases seem loose from the star, and flames seem to drift away from the star before dissipating.  The star outshines its children, the planets, not only by its luminescence, but also from their dullness.  There are ten of them, a couple of them may be nothing more than just large asteroids.  The one most prominently placed in the habitable zone is mostly rocky, but has just enough atmosphere and life on it to keep a settlement alive.
In fact, Ralex can't actually sustain an outpost's population, per se.  The workers' settlements on the world outdo its resources, and many of their supplies have to be delivered from other planets.  It's worth it, however, as they're able to mine out of the rock extremely valuable commodities that sell at a great price.  The only problem that the Navarus Barony, who owns the planet, has to worry about is the occasional thievery that happens from underpaid workers.