Yera is a binari system made up of two small stars, one (Yera A) which is a small K9 star, and the other, slightly larger, (Yera B,) which is a G4.  Yera A has three bodies around it which can barely be called planets, and are more accurately described as moons held in a tenuous orbit.  Around Yera B are eight mighty bodies, two of which are small planets in close, hot orbit, one which is in the habitable zone, Navarus, four mighty gas giants, all relatively close to one another, and two small planets in the outer rim which, when directly between the two stars, slow down significantly, caught between the gravity of the two large bodies.  The four gas giants are so large and create so much heat from them that it often appears as though there are six stars within a close proximity of one another.
The sky of Navarus is unforgettable.  The size and range of its own star causes a diffused amber appearance with flashes of aurora borealis that streaks across the sky like lightning.  Meanwhile, its second star gives off a dim light that creates a twilight "second day," leaving the planet in actual darkness for only a few hours a day during select parts of the year, and avoiding any true chilly winters.  The four bright gas clouds of the system twinkle brightly with a star covered, orange sky during the darker parts of the day, providing a beautiful celestial sphere which residents and tourists flock to see.

This is the home planet of the Navarus barony.  Galek Navarus had the planet renamed in his honor when he settled their home offices on the primary city of Blithe.  His influence is strong enough that his word typically becomes fact.  His influence now reaches across most of sector 2, and some of the other sectors across the explored galactic arm.