Viveki is a type K2III star in Sector 1 of the human galactic map.  Its distance and obscurity have made it less attractive to both explorers and corporations.  There is only one planet, Anori, which barely orbits within the habitable zone, which has been equally unattractive to further study because of its cold temperature.  Viveki itself used to be a larger star, but has cooled significantly over the past million years.
The frozen planet of Anori has been overlooked by most humans because of its inhospitable and hostile environment.  The entire planet is covered in snow and ice, broken by occasional water flows like small oceans near its equator where the heat from the distant star makes a small impact.  The rocky ground rises and falls dramatically, creating huge mountains many kilometers high, and deep valleys which stretch into the planet's core.  A few of the thinner valleys get no sunlight except during the middle of the day.  Little life has been detected on the planet, but, because it is just in the habitable zone of its solar system, a small ecosystem does seem to exist among burly animals resistant to the cold.  Lancaster believes there might have been more life, even a civilization, on this planet when the star was not so small and distant.