An above average sized B4V star, Verina has eight planets of varying sizes and types orbiting it.  None would be of much note except that one that's just within the innermost portion of the habitable zone, Tiburus, has resources that attracted the Fowler Corporation
This small rock of a planet on the inner portion of the habitable zone around its star never grew to a very large size.  It is mostly rock and sand, and it spins so quickly that the days are merely hours, and the residents have a sleep cycle that goes over a couple days, followed by a wakeful period of a couple days.  There are large enough oases and large lakes or small oceans that make life livable there, but the atmosphere is so thick it feels like gravity is stronger than it really is.  It would not have attracted much attention if it weren't for several valuable resources found on the planet.

The most notable thing on the planet is the Guzmat site.  Discovered by appraisers determining the value of the planet, the half-buried city belonged to a race they know nothing about.  They never learned anything, either, as the corporation neither asked for help from the archaeology and anthropology departments, nor did they want it.  They instead created a tourist trap around it, making up the elements of the site.