First discovered on a planet at the edge of the Orion Nebula, the siguerans have quickly become the subject of many archeologists' most intense studies.  Their civilization spread across the first sector, and evidence of their existance has been spotted in sectors two and three.  They are believed to be a race bent on conquest, as many of their cities are built upon the ruins of other alien races, who almost always died out around the time that the seguerans arrived.
    Their reign covered the majority of the third epoch.  Their cities on the first planet discovered by man, Aria of Orias, date back to 93m Postmil, (approximately 10 million years before human civilization developed on Earth.)  Their expansion seems to have been unchecked, and in fact appears to have been thriving in 96m Postmil when they inexplicably disappeared, much to the luck of humanity, who developed four million years later and avoided the same fate as countless other civilizations.
    There is currently no explanation as to why the siguerans disappeared, but scientists, and some corporate barons, are fascinated by the methods they used to conquer so much of the galactic arm.
Xenosentia Orion Aeolus Siguera:
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