In Relic Worlds Adventures, you take the roles of some of the characters from the Relic Worlds series and explore ancient ruins in search of lost treasures.  You will have to survive traps, fight monsters, and solve puzzles to get through these labyrinths.  Play in story mode, cooperative, or competitive play in this game of high adventure.

Relic Worlds Adventures is being play tested right now.  You can take part in the play test by downloading the elements below and printing them out.  You can also find it on Tabletop Simulator as Relic Worlds Adventures.

Either way, please also have every player fill out the survey by going to the "Survey" link below.  Make sure to fill it out for every game you've played.  Thank you, and happy gaming!
Click below to download the print & play files
Click below to go to the survey
Click below for the Tabletop version
You will need the rulebook for this version, which you can download here: