Xenosentia Jalil Raginor Bjarte

    Raginors have perhaps the most in common with humans of all the alien races discovered so far.  This is likely due to the fact that they evolved from some form of chimpanzee.  They, however, retained their tails, and continued to utilize them in their lives.  They often had cities with large towers which connected with platforms linked between them.  These platforms could be walked on or swung across with ease by the Raginors who were known for being quite agile.
    They were highly adaptable, and lived in many locations, so it is hard to know when or where one might find Raginors.  The best clue is that they usually preferred many of the same climates humans do, and their settlements are always in the human habitable zone.
    One of the most recognized religions of the Raginors involved extreme heat and extreme cold, represented through fire and ice.  One of the only other known elements is that they often placed some of their most important items inside their most pristine towers.  Little more is known about this, but is currently being researched.
    The Raginors were one of the last species to disappear during the Second Epoch.  They had what appear to be mighty fights with the Siguerans, being pushed back twice before finally made extinct through bombardments that killed all life across entire planets.  Though they lived on planets with multiple climates, most of their planets are now desert wastelands as a result of this warfare.
    One of their most revered leaders, whose name roughly translates to Gostak, is buried at the top of a deep necropolis on a planet that has not yet been discovered.  He is known to have had multiple wives who are buried with him.  He chose these wives carefully and entrusted them with his greatest secrets.  He outsmarted the Sigueran several times because he was known to be a master trickster.  Anyone who locates this necropolis should be careful as there are many secrets buried in this tomb, but also many traps to ward off intruders.
    The favorite pet of the Raginors was a rat-like animal that was the size of a dog.  Toddlers could ride them, and they were known to be incredibly smart and very loyal.  They even had begun to develop some language skills of their own.
    Their prime name "Raginor" comes from a rough translation of one of their texts.  Their mouths formed sounds much like humans, and some of their words are easily spoken by humans.
Gostak Sigil: