Follow Lancaster James as he explores the ruins of ancient ruins on distant planets in search of lost alien civilizations.  Relic Worlds is a series of short stories and novels, along with games and interactive activities that chronicle the exploits of Lancaster and his partner Little Jack as the seek out powerful artifacts that could unlock the greatest mysteries of the universe.  Below you will see the current Relic Worlds projects being promoted.
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Biographical Information
Jeff McArthur grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska where he began writing at a very young age.  He became fascinated with movies as a teenager and began making them at 15, going on to New York University for college where he studied film, TV, and radio. In New York he worked with the comedy group The State, with PBS, and several others, before moving out to Los Angeles in 1995.

Jeff continued to work in the film industry for 15 years,
working on various films and making a few of his own,
including the documentary The Forgotten Grave and
the horror film Stolen Souls. More recently, he has
written the books Pro Bono - The 18-Year Defense of
Caril Ann Fugate and the Table of Truth, and is
currently writing the Relic Worlds series of short
stories and novels.

The Pick Your Path books fit into this storyline, and can be read in conjunction
with the other Relic Worlds stories, or on their own.