When settlers first came to this planet, they found it so much like their former homeworld of Earth that they gave it a name similar to Terra, which means "earth" or "land."  There was less surface water on this planet than Earth had, and there is even less now as many major corporations have set up large hubs with large number of employees, and the resulting population boom has used up many of the planet's resources.  It has been able to continue, however, as there is a large amount of underground water that has supplied the inhabitants, as well as a plethora of visitors who come for the tourism of some of the most extravagant cities in the galaxy.  Rich amounts of metal and and gases on parts of the planet also make it a prime location for mining, which has always been one of the main attractors of the corporations.  One of these businesses is Maracorp, run by Carter Snol, who has been fascinated with some of the alien ruins that have been found on some of the planets his branch businesses are on.  He's been following the ruins of a race known as the Ceritac.  Little does he know that there are Zeborno ruins underneath buildings on the very planet where his office is.
Ishi is an F6III star with five planets orbiting.  The third planet, Terras, is so much like the human homeworld Earth that settlers gave it a name similar to the word Terran.    The rest of the planets are a mixture of solid and gas giants.