Ika is an F5IV star with a range in its orbit that is habitable to humans, but somewhat less luminescent than most prefer.  Only one planet, Poltoc, is habitable, and populated by a corporate entity.
Poltoc is alive with many environments, though its most notable landscape are its woods so dense that they have to be cut away for the inhabitants to travel through.  With a dim sun and difficult terrain, it was a perfect spot for its inhabitants millions of years ago, the Cerritac, but it is not a good spot to attract tourism.  But the perfect placement in its orbit around Ika has made it rich with resources, and is thus sought after by several corporations.  The Ocrea Corporation has successfully fought off other attempts to take the planet, and has kept it well guarded from outsiders.  More recently, a secret has been uncovered on the planet that they are keeping a lid on from outside eyes.