Abso – Certain, sure
Afeared – Afraid
Amount - Matter
Approx – Approximately
Aprend – Find out / Learn
“All and the novas” – Everything
“A might on the plastic” – A lot of money
“A touch more time” – “A little more time.”
A tril – A lot
Atmo – Atmosphere
Adjontly – Quickly
Arb and Magum - Forest, Woods
Back-maul – Stab in the back
Backwise – Behind
Back-pulse – Backwoods, unimportant
Ball-suck – Crude way to say something sucks, or is inconvenient.
Barm - Brink
“Been my back eyes” – “Watched my back”
“Be pleasant with” – Will like
Bienvenide – Welcome
Big-ticket - Important
Blazecan - Blowtorch type laser device
Blick – Go to look
“Bling your spirits” – Make you happy
Breadcrum - Handheld device that records where one has been, the geographical coordinates of key points, and how to find their way back.
"By good fate" - Luckily
Brane – Dimension that spectrum drive takes place in
“Case of” – In case
Chance be – Maybe
Cloudrafted - Overlooked
“Cropped of” – Happened to (In relation to something that should have happened)
Credit – Believe / Think
Claro – Clearly
Co – Company.
Comprend – Understand
Chances – Probably
Coget – Notice
“Crater quiet” – As quiet as a crater
“Chance be” – Chances are
Cipher – Figure out
Catch – Get
Click – Short time or space
“Count my pudding” – Count on it
Cascheeing – Breaking and falling
Dagni - Difficult
Dango – Curse
Disked – Stole
“Deem me” – “Believe me”
Desto – Destination
Dirty Malfas – Dirty maggot.  Insult to a person
Discern – Figure out
"Dodge bit of" - Younger term used when they think older people are being dodgy.
Down - Download from a computer, or similar device
Ear full - Interesting.
Electro - Money used in the 24th century.
Erden brain – Pea brain
Eurichite – Precious black hue metal that gives a few different shades from different angles.
Facto – In fact
Ferret – Figure out
Fes – Well… (Often sounds like "fezzz.")
Figure – Consider
Figures – Seems
Figuring – Thinking about
Fermi Engine – Used for flying into spectrum drive

“Get your toe nails in” – Get involved with
Gand – Quick look
Gent - Guy
Gorgeously – Very
Geffar – A curse word based on an old show where everything went wrong.  Used when everything is going wrong.
Gradation – In progress
Grants – Granted for multiple things.
"A hand of" - A small amount of
Halt it - Hold it / Stop
“Having badgers” – Having troubles
Higgs - Importance
“Hither or yawn” – Here or there
Hither – Wander
Heading – Going
“Hold your thrusters” – Wait
Holoflic - Movie
Hades – A curse, like hell.  Came into favor when religious phrases phases out.
Harness – Strap yourself in
Hui – Trace
Hypo – Hurry
“I image” – “I imagine”
“I don’t regard” – I don’t think so (rude)
Illuminator - Device used to see in several spectrums.
“I’m on with him” – I agree with him
“I’d bet my plastic” – I’d bet everything
“I would comfort” – I would be comfortable with
"It's nada" - It's nothing
Ire – Anger
Jing Mosh - What you do.  Mode of operations.
Jit/Jitter – Tense
Jist – The idea of something
Jon / Jonder – Move
“Keeping eyes around here” – “Keeping an eye on this”
Komodrab – A sort of komodo for night wear
Kelite - A metal with the sturdiness of diamonds
Kuroing - Struggling / Competing
“Let’s give that” – Let’s assume
Lasraz - Laser tool used to shave
Lasitorch – Cutting instrument that uses lasers and other weapons
Lade - Lady
Leastway - At least
Mag - Decide
"Make carn" - Squash
“Moze in” – Go in quietly
Mamooths – Large creatures found on a planet that resemble mammoths of ancient earth
“Mag a reading” – Get and record a reading
Memtwet entry – Short journal entries.
“Might just as jono” – “Might as well”
Modef – Method
“Moused up” – “Drawn up”
Naigh – Damn.  Religious references more or less disappeared with religion.
Negote – Deal
Nova sign – Good sign
Nove – All right.  Okay.  Feeling okay.
 “On the bull” – Completely correct
"On the til" - On the level
Opus Magum – Very strong tree
Op - Use
“Out of perif” – Out of view/out of mind
“On the simple” – Simply
Parfay - Perfectly
Passif - Breathing device that's placed one's his mouth.
Peach – Doing well
Prevays – Works
Phonic - Radio device for sending and receiving messages across star systems.
Pose – Plan
“Pike our way” – Make our way /  Move into
Ping – Got
Port – Receive
Passing – Going on
Primomitter – The transmitter where great power is sent out
Promoth Dirge - Madek Shivar weapon useful in all environments.
Palisciever – The transceiver where great power is transmitted to

Register – Believe (think you know)
Regison – Incorrect belief
Rec – Get through questionable territory
Reckon – Put up with
Requi – Stuff
“Right rip” – The right track
Riley - Short, one handed rifle
Rubbed – Killed
Regress it – Return
Ranging – Watching
Reads – Sounds
Retro – Hidden it / Put it where it was known before, not at all.
Rec – Try
Requising – Using someone else’s things
Ration – Rational reason
“Rounded the road” – Wound up
Sark - A long-flowing shirt often worn like a jacket, or around a person's waist
Sav – Certain
Savvy – To be certain about something
Schieb – Press on, pushing or fighting someone along the way.
Scrib – Write
“Severenced out” – Kicked out
Sides - Besides
Sight (“Set a sight”) – Try
Strass – Fastest direction
Strassing – Hurrying
Thruster - Travel
Surm – Suppose
Supramall - Mega-sized mall.
Sway – Convince
Sift – Point
Spectrum drive - Drive used to travel beyond star systems.
Spotly – Likely
Subter-scanners – Scanners underground
Slothist – Slow
Scurry – Hurry someone
Spectro- beam – Type of light that lights in many different spectrums
Scrying – Taking a look
Shaft – Butt
Shaz – Common curse word
Strass – Path / Current direction
Sun-silver – Precious metal
Surm - Suppose
Taburing - Chowing
"Take stock in" - Trust
"Take the flair out of someone's panel" - Take the wind out of someone's sails
Talki - Handheld communication device.  Sometimes called a comm.
Tempra scarf - Neck-wear with temperature control.
Tot – Dead
Trans – Change
Tyl – Pain/Annoyance
Tick – Short time
Thorane – Crash around
Thique – A rolled up bit of weed smoked like a cigarette.  Very expensive and upper class.
'Tween – Between
Vacc Tent - Atmospheric tent
Valging – Leading the wrong way.
Vanda – Problem
Verbal – Promise
View – Appear
Vis – See
Vizros – A type of binoculars that can detect all types of wavelengths
Vorlie – Preference
Wayo – Early
“What lives” – What’s left? / What about it? / So what?
“What they hail” – What they’re called
“What’s the sixty?” – Give me an update
Wheeling with - Dealing with
Worthy in line - Worthwhile
Worthy to - Deserve
Xenosentia – Sentient alien race