Gigax is a G8III star with 12 planets surrounding it.  Despite the large number of stellar bodies, only one exists in what humans call the "habitable zone."  Though alien life can exist outside of this zone, the Siguerans lived mostly within it, and the planet where some of their ruins were located is on Moradin.
Moradin​ is a world of mountains, woods, and oceans, each of which is epic in size and excess.  Some mountain peaks reach almost as high as the atmosphere reaches.  The oceans are wild and chaotic with dramatic storms.  The woods are made up of some of the strongest and tallest ever witnessed by humankind, including the Opus Magum, trees so strong even their top branches can hold medium-sized crafts.  These trees hover above all others, and their leaves obfuscate everything below from space observation.  Animals on this planet are very fierce as well, making it a planet most corporations do not want to deal with.