Little has yet been discovered regarding the Cerritac.  They seemed to favor planets with low luminosity stars, which makes their accidental discoveries by settlers or corporations much fewer and farther between.  Cerritacs preferred the night, and they favored locations where days were shorter, and darker.
They are well known for their metaphors, making their writings sometimes difficult to translate, as it is sometimes uncertain as to whether they mean something literally or figuratively.  This practice also transfers over to their naming, as their people took on names that were phrases.
As they spread onto planets in the galaxy, Cerritac did not seem concerned with the populations on planets upon which they settled.  There has been more than one occasion when the ruins of a smaller, non-star faring race was discovered below the ruins of the Cerritac.
It is not yet known why the Cerritac died and/or disappeared, and it becomes even more confusing when one learns that they had a device that would supposedly raise the dead.
Thus far, ruins of the Cerritac have been found on MA-84-C and Poltoc.
Xenosentia Etella Cerritac Fiorlo: