Trojan & Feynman
A binary system, Cassiopeiae has all the planets, 4 in all.  The closest is a rocky planet, the next two are habitable, though humans only colonized the third one, and a gas giant with a moon that is also habitable.  The moon has a small resort where wealthy tourists go.  Cassiopeiae is a class F star that is roughly the size of Sol.  Cassiopeiae B is a class K star that is a bit smaller, and orbits the first one at a distance.
Trojan is an all-purpose world owned by the Travcor Corporation, and is a favorite of their barony overlords, Zakaria.
Despite its proximity to a well-traveled planet, Feynman is largely unexplored.  It was once home to the Milak Shivar, who lived primarily in swamps and underwater, so even survey teams that have come here have often overlooked their ruins; and those who have noticed have not bothered to explore it.