A medium sized star with a red dwarf orbiting at a great distance.  It has eight planets circling, one of which is in the human habitable zone but crowding the inner rung.  It spins on an axis that points near its sun, so much of the sunlight hits the planet at an angle.  The other planets include one closer to the star, two more solid ones beyond Bertol, and four more in the outer reaches, one of which is often thrown off course by the second smaller star.
A lush planet of tall trees with wide branches and leaves.  The canopy is so thick, in fact, that in many parts the sunshine, though bright from above, barely reaches the surface, where it can get cold.  Even colder are the regions inside the long cracks of deep canyons which can stretch down more than a couple kilometers.  Evidence suggests that two separate races once lived on this planet at the same time, but neither saw one another because one lived in the trees near the sunlight, and the other lived deep in the crags.