​Akiba is am M4II star with 7 planets orbiting.  Two are rocks in the inner portion of the system.  Two are gas giants are further out,and the last is little more than an orbiting comet.
Well in the center of the human habitable zone, Favel is known as a perfect destination for tourism and fun.  Much of the planet is covered in huge cities that boast every sort of entertainment from night clubs to gambling houses to flesh rentals to fun parks.  The areas that have not been built into cities are beautiful wildernesses where tours take people to some of the most exotic and beautiful locations in the galaxy.
This giant purple gas cloud is avoided by most because of its dark and foreboding clouds.  Most prefer to fly by its sister planet, Ulani, which flies in an almost perfectly opposite orbit because of its nearly exact distance from their star.  While Ulani colorful and beautiful, Palmetto offers little to watch, except for its wide rings in which it is rumored there is a dark secret.
The gem of Akiba, Ulani is a beautiful, bright gas giant which flashes in multiple colors.  Its rings shine in metallic colors, such as gold, silver, and bronze.  Tonnurism ships fly by this planet often, and telescopes are permanently fixed on this "jewel of the sky."