Lancaster James is scouring the galaxy in search of lost alien civilizations.  He explores ancient ruins on distant planets to find long lost artifacts that give him clues to some of the greatest mysteries of the universe.  Relic Worlds is the series of stories that follow his adventures.

It is the early part of the 24th century, and humanity has spread far into the galaxy across hundreds of stars.  As they have, many expected to find life on other planets, but none have been encountered.  Evidence of their existence is plentiful, however, in the form of ruins and relics in many shapes and sizes.  At every site there is evidence to the great mystery of what happened to life in the universe, how it was formed, and how it disappeared.

But it is a race against time for those interested in the search for life.  Corporations, which have taken the place of countries and control the choices of human society, see only the profitability of planets, and often demolish ancient ruins to make way for supra-malls and refineries, all in the name of progress.

Lancaster James leads the hunt for these civilizations, flying out to unexplored planets with his partner Little Jack, risking the dangers of traps left behind by aliens, and the ire of corporations who see him as an impediment to progress.

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